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Siba opens a new store – tears down another

This fall the Swedish electronics chain Siba opens in Östersund. The new store will be Siba northernmost store ever in Sweden.
At the same time the chain’s store – and store building – in Uddevalla will be replaced by Netonnet.

The new store in Östersund will be located in the retail park Lillänge with easy access from both the E14 and E45, and in ”the best location” in the new phase of Lillänge. The area is undergoing a major facelift and expansion and has grown strongly over a number of years.

“We have a positive belief in the city as well as the commercial area and has for long had an eye on a location for an establishment in Östersund and it feels like we managed to get it right,” says Siba Sales Manager, Urban Solander.

But in two weeks, Siba will close and tear the premises down in Uddevalla and build a new store for the sister chain Netonnet.
“Our intention is to demolish the existing premises and instead build a new shop for Netonnet in the same place,” says Siba’s CEO Susanne Ehnbåge, who is also vice president of Netonnet Group, the parent company of Siba and Netonnet to

Netonnet Group has 54 stores in total, including Siba has 39 stores in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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