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SOK to cut down on management staff

Finnish SOK Corporation will start statutory negotiations based on the plans to enhance the SOK department stores and specialty chain management organization.

Negotiations could lead to up to 25 redundancies.

”The S Group is strongly committed to the department store and specialty store in the future. Our goal is that they are profitable, competitive and attractive to customers,” SOK’s Field Director Arttu Laine says.

The trend of the segment has been reversed upwards despite the difficult overall economic situation.

”However, we need more measures at SOK in order to achieve our objectives. We must increase cost-efficiency and synergies between the various functions. We try to minimize the human impact of the measures, but unfortunately none of them can be completely avoided,” Laine says.

Co-determination negotiations do not concern SOK, SOK Corporation or other functions, such as, for example, the SOK Marks & Spencer -branches,  SOK Marketkaupan chain management, SOK Rautakaupan chain management, SOK Verkkopalvelut Oy or the logistics company Inex Partners Oy:t

SOK’s co-determination negotiations do neither affect the regional cooperative staff and customer service received by the owners. The aim is that the plans for enhanced control of the organization are prepared at the beginning of November.

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