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Søstrene Grene enters UK – targets 150 stores

The Danish interior chain Søstrene Grene now opens its first store in England. And this summer, Germany waits.

“We believe we’ve come up with something that the UK retail does not yet have, and therefore we also believe that our concept has a justification in England in the long run. 150 stores are not unrealistic in the UK within 15-20 years,” says Mikkel Grene.

In the last financial year opened Søstrene Grene 20 new stores and the plan is to double the number of stores over the next few years, so the number reaches over 200. This Friday the sisters opens the branch in Nottingham, along with Germany and France it is a market that has a high priority for the management, writes Berlingske Business.

In summer Søstrene Grene also opens the first store in the German market, and today the fourth store in France with address in Lyon.
“Whether it’s 50 or 150 stores that fit in England, we know for certain until we got going. 150 stores are not unrealistic in the UK within 15-20 years, but the interesting thing right now is what is relevant in our concept for the English, ” he tells the paper.

He points out England is a particularly interesting market for a concept like Søstrene Grene, because the English consumers in general are known to spend much time at home and that there is a wave to switch to a more rigorous decor. He combines it with the rising general interest for Scandinavian and Denmark after tv-series like ”Bron”.



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