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Sportamore grows with record pace

Online sports trader Sportamore reports a sales growth of 47 percent during 2015.

”The profitability rises, not only in our home market Sweden, but in the company as a whole.,” comments CEO Johan Ryding.

Net sales amounted to 542.3 (369.8) million SEK for the the year. Also the last quarter kept the same growth pace with net sales of 174.5 (118.6) million SEK – and a positive operating profit of +0.8 (-7.7) million.

For the full year, the operating profit amounted to -37.5 (-13.2) million SEK, but 2015 will also be the first year that the company delivers a full-year profit in the domestic market of Sweden.

”An important milestone in the company’s history,” comments CEO Johan Ryding.

He also says the number of visits in the last quarter for the first time exceeded ten million, and in November Sportamore received 110,000 orders during a calendar month.

”The records are clear signs that the company’s marketing efforts continue to give the intended effect, and it is particularly pleasing that in parallel with these efforts in the quarter, the profitability rises, not only in our home market Sweden, but in the company as a whole. This is well in line with our financial objectives to gradually shift the focus from the maximum growth to the growth and profitability improvement.”

Sweden is the dominating market, the rest of Nordic is so far 37 percent of the sales.

”In segment Sweden, the company delivers an EBITDA of 6.6 million or 6.0 percent in a quarter where we gradually returned to a more normalized level of marketing investments. In the other Nordic countries continue the growth-oriented marketing efforts and the company’s overall marketing expenses in the quarter amounted to SEK 22.1 million,” says Johan Ryding.


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