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Statoil to open their last petrol station

Statoil Fuel and retail will change all petrol station signs in Scandinavian to Circle K in May.

But parallel to the huge brand change, new Statoil stations are inaugurated.

This week is the official opening of the latest – and last – newly Statoil petrol station in Norway.

Statoil Kjerlingland.

Statoil Kjerlingland.

Last week a new station was officially opened in Sundsvall, Sweden. This week the last Norwegian station under the Statoil brand will have Lillesand Mayor Arne Thomassen cutting the band.

Statoil Kjerlingland is located at E18 junction for Lillesand Aust-Agder.

Opening of new gas stations are rare in Norway as the number of petrol stations is declining in the country.

“It is a historic moment,” said Christoffer Sundby, President and Head of Statoil Retail, a subsidiary of Statoil Fuel & Retail Norway AS, who operates the station.

He says the station is an upgraded version of Statoil’s newest concept and targets both private cars and heavy commercial traffic. Inside the station is a separate area with ample seating where customers can relax while charging the phone and enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee.


The station has been open since January 25.

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