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Crazy days

Stockmann reports strong Crazy Days in fashion and food

The weak Russian rouble continue to affect Stockmann’s turnover – but even in local exchange rates and excluding product categories that Stockmann has outsourced. The department store sales were down in September.

On the other hand, fashion performed better than the market. And Stockmann’s traditional October sales week, Crazy Days, was more succesful than last year – in Finland.

The Stockmann Group’s sales amounted to EUR 111.7 million in September 2015. At comparable exchange rates, sales excluding Seppälä were down by 2.5 per cent. The Russian rouble weakened in September by 52.5 per cent compared on the previous year, and as a result, euro-denominated sales excluding Seppälä were down by 8.4 per cent.

Stockmann Retail’s sales were down by 10.9 percent at comparable exchange rates. Due to the weak Russian rouble, euro-denominated sales were down by 17.7 percent.

In Finland, sales were down by 11.3 percent. The decline was mainly due to withdrawing from the own electronics product category. Excluding electronics, department stores’ sales were down 4 per cent. Stockmann’s sales in fashion were, however, better than the weak general fashion market development.

In international operations, sales were down by 9.5 per cent at comparable exchange rates. Due to the significantly weaker Russian rouble, euro-denominated sales were down by 31.3 percent.

Lindex’s sales were up 6.9 percent at comparable exchange rates. Sales increased in most of the markets, and particularly well in the biggest market, Sweden. Euro-denominated sales were up 3.9 percent.

The Crazy Days campaign was held in the Stockmann department stores and online store on 7–11 October. Campaign sales were up 4.0 percent at comparable exchange rates, excluding the product categories from which Stockmann has withdrawn (electronics and books). Sales performance was particularly strong in Finland both in online and department stores, and fashion and food achieved the best growth of all product categories.

The campaign’s comparable sales were up 1.1 percent in Finland, but were down by 3.6 percent in the Baltic countries. In Russia, the sales in rouble were up 14.5 percent, but euro-denominated sales were down by 17.9 percent. The total euro-denominated sales were down by 5.4 percent due to the weak rouble.

Sales (exclusive of VAT) in September

EUR mill.
Change-% 1-9/2015
EUR mill.
Stockmann Retail, Finland 42.0 -11.3 434.8 -9.2
Stockmann Retail,
international operations
15.1 -31.3 184.6 -20.5
Stockmann Retail, total 57.1 -17.7 619.4 -12.9
Lindex, total 54.6 3.9 465.6 -1.8
Operations in Finland, total* 47.4 -17.5 498.7 -13.9
Operations in Finland, excl. Seppälä 47.4 -10.2 486.8 -8.3
International operations, total* 64.3 -9.5 602.4 -10.9
International operations, excl. Seppälä 64.3 -7.0 598.2 -8.6
Stockmann, total* 111.7 -13.1 1 101.1 -12.3
Stockmann, total excl. Seppälä 111.7 -8.4 1 085.0 -8.5

* Includes Seppälä until 31 March 2015.
Change-%: change compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.




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