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Strong domestic trade behind significant sales increase in Scandinavian e-commerce

Northerners shopped online for a total of 40.5 billion SEK in the second quarter 2015th.
That is a significant increase of about 7.6 billion, or 23 percent, compared to the same quarter last year. Especially the domestic trade developed strongly, with 6.7 billion, or 29 percent.

This according to the new e-commerce report for the Nordics, by Postnord.

Both the proportion and the number of shoppers online during the second quarter increased compared to last year. Particularly marked was the progress in Finland, where the percentage of e-trade increased by a full 10 percentage points.
Compared with the first quarter of this year, Norway took a big leap forward, while Denmark declined slightly. The Norwegians thus recaptures the first place as the most e-trading people.

Of total Nordic e-commerce, approximately 10.5 billion comes from  sites that consumers consider foreign. This represents an increase of almost ten percent compared with the year before.

E-commerce in the mobile phone is on the march in the Nordic region. Most e-commerce purchases are still done by computers, and also the share of purchases from tablets is growing, but the mobile phone is the platform that is growing most strongly.
Compared to last year increased the proportion of northerners who have shopped from the mobile by 7 percentage points, from 9 to 16 percent. This was especially strong in Sweden, where it increased by 9 percentage points, from 11 to 20 percent.
The percentage who shop from their mobile phone today is by far the largest in Sweden and Norway.

Overall, the preferences for pre-shopping and online research are similar in the different countries. Search engines are most common, but one clear exception is Finland, where it is common for consumers browsing through physical catalogs or customer magazines before implementing an e-commerce purchases.

Requirements for membership is the most common cause of northerners cancelling their e-commerce purchases in advance. Other common reasons are unforeseen shipping costs or unable to pay in the manner desired.
Among the more unusual reasons four percent said they broke off their latest purchases because they did not trust the payment system. Only two percent said that delivery time was too long.

The report can be found here.

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