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Strong Q1-growth in Swedish e-commerce

The strong growth in e-commerce continues.

First quarter 2014 sales increased 16 percent.

It is primarily retail categories that previously had limited online sales that are growing strongly.

Another quarter shows the Swedish retail sales growth of the internet is more than 15 percent. The forecast is that e-commerce will reach a turnover of 42.5 billion SEK in Sweden in 2014.

Seven out of ten consumers went online to shop in the first quarter of 2014 and it’s mostly clothes, consumer electronics as well as books and other media products sold.

But more and more are choosing to buy more bulky goods such as building materials, furniture and whitegoods via the internet, and it is in these industries growth is strongest right now.

In the first quarter, growth was strongest for building trade (36 percent), children’s items/toys (31 percent) and sports and leisure products (24 percent).

Of the largest industries, growth was strongest for consumer electronics, whose sales rose 16 percent. Clothes and shoes had a growth rate of four percent, and sales of books and media over the Internet increased by 1 percent.

A more mature e-commerce, which is also increasing, involves larger and more bulky goods such as furniture and building materials placing higher demands on flexible delivery . Therefore, logistics companies in the past year developed services for home deliveries that are better adapted to consumers’ everyday lives, which will drive online sales of these products further”, says Arne Andersson e- commerce expert at Post Nord.

E-barometern is published by PostNord in collaboration with the Swedish Digital Trade Association and HUI Research .

71 percent of consumers did online shopping in the first quarter. Of these, 14 percent shopped with their mobile phone and 34 percent shopped online from foreign sites. 25 percent of all e-commerce-related shipments to consumers in Sweden came from abroad.

On average, the e-commerce consumer expects a delivery at latest 4.3 days after an order is completed. For 29 percent, it is important to get a product delivered next day.

Three out of four consumers think it is important to choose how they will receive products bought online. 46 percent generally prefer to get their goods delivered in the mailbox of his postman .

One of four e-commerce consumers returned a product in 2013. 88 percent think that works well

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