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Successful chain donates the profit to cancer research

Classic Danish accessories chain Neye presents solid financial statements.
The financial statements show a near doubling of operating profit compared to last year, which is now more than 19 million DKK. The good result is partly due to Neye focusing on that chain operation also has local operations.

Neye, the largest of its kind in Denmark, sells baggage, handbags and accessories in 36 stores all over the country and online.

”For us it is important not only to be present in the country’s largest cities, but to be a part of local communities around the country. We know that there are big differences in purchasing behavior between regions, and we try to take into account. We therefore involve local store managers to define assortment composition, so we match the needs of their particular locality. I’m sure that it’s one of the reasons that people still after 135 years will visit Neye,” says CEO Camilla Raffnsøe.

Eye is owned by a foundation, and the foundation supports disease-fighting research – specifically cancer research – through its profits.

”The good figures are of great importance to us. The better accounting we can provide, the greater the difference we can make in the fight against cancer. Therefore we are extra excited for profit,” says Camilla Raffnsøe.

Total turnover: 257 million DKK.
Operating profit: 19 million DKK.
Net income: 24.8 million DKK.



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