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Swedish consumers: Online Christmas sales to increase above all expectations

Christmas shopping on the Internet will increase substantially this year.
Even before the Black Friday campaigns, the holiday shopping season has increased by 47 percent compared with the same period last year.
And in a recent survey, so many Swedes intend to shop for Christmas gifts online that PostNord have to tone down their own figures as unlikely.

A new survey from PostNord shows that until 25 November, 43 percent of all Christmas purchases have been made via the Internet.  Already, in late November, 18 percent of consumers shopped Christmas gifts for an average of 1 495 SEK.
This means that the Swedes so far this year have bought Christmas presents for 1.664 billion SEK, which is 47 percent more than in the corresponding period a year ago.
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“The growth of Christmas shopping on the Internet indicated by this study are noteworthy. The evidence suggests that many consumers this year choose to buy more of their Christmas presents in peace and quiet in front of the computer or via their mobile phone and have them delivered to their postbox or to a post office close to home,” said PostNord e-commerce expert Arne Andersson in a press release sent out during Black Friday.

The coming weekend is expected to bring extra speed this Christmas season as the stores will lower their prices on several products. And much of the past year’s Black Friday trading is now taken back by the Swedish e-commerce.

“Last year our parcel volumes rom e-commerce companies in Sweden increased significantly days after Black Friday. This year, many stores invest a lot in this weekend, both online and in physical stores,” says Arne Andersson.

When the survey was conducted 23 to 25 November, Swedish consumers said that they estimate that they will e-shop for Christmas gifts for 7.3 billion SEK. That would mean an increase of 80 percent compared to last year. It is likely that the Swedes are greatly affected by the events of recent weeks and PostNord is therefore downplaying that number.

“We estimate that sales will be approximately 5.5 billion SEK, which however represents a growth of almost 40 percent,” says Arne Andersson.

The Christmas gifts that have gained success so far this year are clothing / footwear (32%), toys (24%) and books (20%). The proportion who bought clothing or shoes as Christmas gift increases sharply, from 14 percent in 2014 to 22 percent this year. Online only the numbers look like this: Clothes / shoes (22%), books (19%) and toys (17%)

So far this year 43 percent of all Christmas purchases are made on the Internet, which is an increase from 35 percent in 2014.

Here is the full survey.


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