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Apotek Hjärtat ICA

Ica to open health care clinics at hypermarkets

Ica goes for more qualified health care in connection with its hypermarkets This is done by ICA’s pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat opening Minute Clinics. Three trials are now permanent and three new will be established. “The big advantage is that we simplify for customers. You can check your birthmark at the same time you buy milk, “says ICA’s CEO Per […]

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Gallerian Strömstad2

”This mall is unique for Strömstad”

The cross-border shopping around Strömstad got an additional supplement today when the Gallerian Strömstad opened. 20,000 square meters of shopping including a premium supermarket and a Sweden premiere for Moods of Norway. “We believe we are a complement to Nordby, They have their thing and we have our’s” says center manager Carina Hansson. (more…)

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First approval of Ica’s acquisition of Apotek Hjärtat

The first of two approvals has now been obtained as Swedish Medical Products Agency approves Ica’s acquisition of Apotek Hjärtat. The Swedish Medical Products Agency has decided that the notification of significant change, which was submitted to the Agency by reason of Ica Group’s acquisition of Apotek Hjärtat, does not at present require any additional […]

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Sven Lindskog, CFO, and Per Strömberg, CEO, of Ica.

Ica aquires Apotek Hjärtat

Ica aquires Sweden’s largest private pharmacy retailer, Apotek Hjärtat. This gives Ica a market share of 30 percent, and makes it a major tenant at its competitor City Gross and brings back CEO Anders Nyberg to Ica. “Long term we see just one brand. Apotek Hjärtat is stronger than Cura – but we need to […]

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