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Rema reports 120 competitor’s stores for illegal Sunday opening

Rema 1000 in Norway reports 120 stores in NorgesGruppen, Coop and Bunnpris for violating the law on holidays and holiday peace. The chain claims nearly a third of Norgesgruppen’s stores are open on Sundays in violation of the law. ”Today’s regulations are not enforced – and for those who exploit it, the turnovers increase on Sundays. Either the authorities […]

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Larger Ica Supermarked are converted to Bunnpris Gourmet

Many of the Ica-stores that are now getting Bunnpris signs are large supermarkets. These are stores which apparently differs from Bunnpris concept as many people know it, but Bunnpris has also developed Bunnpris Gourmet with 12 supermarkets mainly at the regions of Nordvestlandet and Trøndelag. ”Many of the supermarkets will be Bunnpris Gourmet,” says CEO Christian Lykke. […]

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Green light to Coop’s acquisition of Ica Norway – Bunnpris and Norgesgruppen to buy 93 stores

The Norwegian Competition Authority today announced their approval of Coop Norway’s acquisition of ICA Norway, but the acquisition may not be completed until Coop Norway has sold on 93 of their stores. Coop has entered into agreements with Bunnpris and Norgesgruppen to sell the stores concerned. ”For Bunnpris it means a total turnover increase of […]

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Bunnpris aquires 132 year old iron foundry

In 1882, it was built to accommodate an iron foundry. 132 years later it is worthy built on Damsgård sold to Bunnpris. – This is protection by use. The building gets a new functionality with the platform pillar that goes through the roof, while we maintain the protected, and scenic, Tonny Thers in Bunnpris tells Bergensavisen.   […]

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Bunnpris drops plans for Lykke Liten-chain

Last winter Bunnpris-owner and leader Christian Lykke revealed plans for a second chain, Lykke Liten, consisting of 40-50 smaller units. After ICA’s sellout to Coop Norway, the plans are dropped. ”Our plan was to attract many Matkroken-stores, but now everything is too uncertain”, Christian Lykke says. (more…)

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