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Coop Soner Sevin

Coop took legal actions against unauthorized competitions

Online competitions misusing different brands has escalated – and customers disappointment damages the real brand name. Now Coop has made a larger research of unauthorized competitions using Coop’s brand on behalf of its members and other customers who have been duped online. ”Frivolous campaigns that we are talking about here contributes to creating further uncertainty to […]

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Torp Coop

Thon properties enters Torp

  Thon Property has taken over Coop Bohuslän / Älvsborgs property at Torp in Uddevalla. The property at 15 000 square meters include Coop Forum, Systembolaget, Apoteket, health store Life, Telia, and Mister Minit. “We are very positive on the purchase of the property that has good development potential and we look forward to eventually contribute to […]

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Coop to sell development project

Swedish Coop sells its development projects in Kongahälla in Kungälv, north of Gothenburg to Adapta AB. The project involves about 20 000 square meters of trading and will notably include a large Coop. The project is part of a larger development project adjacent to the E6. With about 900 homes, varied commerce and green spaces […]

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michael Læve

Coop-CEO to take charge of B&Q

Michael Løve, who resigned as President of Coop Denmark a week ago, was presented as Director of the British retailer Kingfisher on Thursday. He will  be head of the group’s DIY chain B&Q – Block & Quayle. “I am very happy to join Kingfisher at such an exciting time in the Group’s development,” says Michael Løve in a press […]

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Coop to leave Karlskrona

Coop closes Coop Extra in the Admiral’s shopping center, leaving Karlskrona, the largest city in Blekinge county. “A series of actions to increase sales has been implemented and staff have demonstrated an amazing commitment. But unfortunately there has not been enough.” says Coop’s district manager. (more…)

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geir inge stokke portrett

Coop: We are ready to sell 103 Ica-stores

Coop Norway says they will sell off 103 out of 533 Ica-stores to get approved by the Competition Authority. ”We believe that this is sufficient to ensure continued strong competition in the relevant markets,” says Geir Inge Stokke, Acting Coop CEO in a statement. Norgesgruppen confirms they intend to be buy several of them. (more…)

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Svein Fanebust. Photo: Coop Norge

Fanebust’s CEO-year boosts his resigning bonus

After Svein Fanebust’s sudden resign from Coop Norway, speculations have started about whether he will get a full retirement bonus after only a year as CEO. ”It depends on how we interpret the contract. We have not come to a conclusion yet,” Chairman Lisbeth Bull Husby tells Dagens Naeringsliv. After a leg fracture on his […]

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Coop closes Uppsala hypermarket

Coop Forum in Stenhagen in Uppsala will be phased out. Competition from the neighbor Ica Maxi became too hard. “We have exhausted our ability to achieve profitability for this store,” says Regional Director Christian Wijkström. (more…)

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Coop and SPP splits real estate joint venture

Since 2009, Coop Fastigheter and SPP together operated Handelsbodarna i Sverige AB. Handelsbodarna has 11 properties and has been 50% owned by each party. Now they have decided to split ownership, with one exception. The property Rävgräva 4: 4 in Örebro will continue to own together. C Common to these properties are all, with one exception, have […]

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Foto:Maj-Britt Rehnström/Coop

Consolidation season in Swedish Coop

After the merge in north between Coop Malmfälten and Coop Norrbotten – next fusion within the Swedish consumer cooperative is announced. Consumer organizations Svea and Syd merge with the Swedish Cooperative Union, KF. ”The merger is an important step in our efforts to streamline the consumer co-operative structure. We want to strengthen our uniqueness and focus on […]

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Delay in Ica Norway-decision

The Norwegian Competition Authority has announced that it will continue its review of Coop Norway’s acquisition of ICA Norway. The Authority can choose to conduct a short (known as Phase 1) or a longer (Phase 2) review. The Authority has today announced that it chooses to conduct a longer review. The Authority has a maximum […]

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Coop plans for comeback in Falun

Coop sold its Coop Forum in Falun to City Gross a few years ago, and has since then been almost invisible in the city with only a small supermarket. But now the chain plans for its second store, strategically located at a busy route, by acquiring a property  from a media company. (more…)

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Sven Lindskog, CFO, and Per Strömberg, CEO, of Ica.

Ica aquires Apotek Hjärtat

Ica aquires Sweden’s largest private pharmacy retailer, Apotek Hjärtat. This gives Ica a market share of 30 percent, and makes it a major tenant at its competitor City Gross and brings back CEO Anders Nyberg to Ica. “Long term we see just one brand. Apotek Hjärtat is stronger than Cura – but we need to […]

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Settlement after false Converse supply

Converse, Converse Scandinavia, Coop Sweden and one of Coop Swedens suppliers L&P Nierenburg have settled a dispute concerning the sale of a batch of counterfeited Converse footwear by Coop Sweden supplied by among others by L&P Nierenburg. Coop Sweden and L&P Nierenburg emphasize that they have purchased the footwear from a supplier, OFN Holding ApS […]

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Stadium signed for Kulan shopping

Stadium joins the shopping block Kulan in Gamlestaden, Göteborg together with H&M, Kappahl, Coop Extra, Bestseller, Deichmann, Nordic Wellness och Myrorna. The former industry facilities of SKF in Gothenburg will have 40,000 square meters of retail space and 15,000 square meters of restaurants and services. 330 new apartments are planned nearby. The local plan is […]

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Record growth for SuperBrugsen

As Denmark is speaking about a polarisation in the grocery industry, Supermarket chain Superbrugsen makes a statement. More customers, higher sales and improved earnings makes SuperBrugsen report a record growth after the first 8 months. “The success is because we are doing the opposite of experts and competitors”, says chain director Kenneth Pedersen. (more…)

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ICA Norway sold to Coop

ICA divests all shares in ICA Norway to Coop Norway for 2,5 billion NOK. On a telephone conference this morning, CEO Per Strömberg says it was the best alternative of two. The option was to cut off northern Norway. ”More stores will be kept on the market – and more employees will still have their […]

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