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Danish electronics chain in deep crisis – will Elkjøp take over?

56 stores Danish electronics chain Fona, founded in 1926, seeks reconstruction. ”The background is the recent years’ extremely intense competition where we unfortunately have been squeezed on our earnings to such an extent that we need a time-out,” says Fona in a letter to its customers. Now, the chain states it seeks a new partner […]

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Elkjøp’s Nordic Christmas – up 3 percent

Elkjøp Group’s Christmas sales, including Black friday and sales period over New Year, was great in Sweden, good in Norway and tough in Denmark and Finland. That’s the conclusion after Dixons Carphone, owner of Elkjøp Group, today published it’s trading statement for Christmas, ten weeks ending 9 January. The Group now sets high hopes on their B2B-solution […]

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Elgiganten Julhandel

Elkjøp and Elgiganten reports new record sales – from new products

Elgiganten in Sweden announces that Black Friday was the start of a record strong Christmas, with sales growth of 5 percent, more customer visits and a higher customer ratings than ever before. Customers preferred quality before price and traditional sellers as game consoles dropped. In Norway, an unexpected bestseller has emerged with cold weather. (more…)

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Elgiganten Phone House logga

Elgiganten launches conversion of 79 Phone House stores

[smartslider2 slider=”1″]’ A year after the big deal – now Elgiganten officially rebrands their Phone House stores in Sweden. For seven weeks, the chain will grow by 79 stores and take the market leading electronics chain into malls and city centers with a mobile and omnichannel concept. “We will change the consumer electronics market in Sweden,” says Niclas […]

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90 percent happy customers. Photo: Øystein Schmidt/Elkjøp

947 million operating profit for Elkjøp Nordic

Elkjøp Group is growing – with the Swedish branch of Phonehouse added to the family, Elkjøp Nordic set a new sales record in 2014/2015. Sales increased by two billion NOK, reaching 29.8 billion with an operating profit of 947 million NOK. But also the customer satisfaction is reaching new levels. ”Without customers who likes us it is impossible to […]

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Survey supports Elkjøp Group’s know how-strategy

Dixons Carphone’s Nordic branch the Elkjøp Group is increasingly investing in service and help desks in the store. Now they have commissioned a study which confirms that they are right in their strategy. 48 percent of customers feel that home electronics have become so complicated that it is difficult to keep up. Smart TV is the product […]

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Slower growth for Elkjøp Group – big cuts in Phonehouse head office staff

Elkjøp Group’s revenue growth has slowed down. Still, the market shares are increasing. ”We have a very strong business in the Nordics and feel confident that the projects we are undertaking will drive continued good performance in the year ahead and into the future,” says Sebastian James, CEO of owner Dixons Carphone. On his agenda […]

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After PinPoint-success – Dixons Carphone says Nordic staff will be equipped with tablets

Dixons Carphone, who owns the Elkjøp Group, has equipped its UK staff with 5,000 tablets with a self developed all-in-one solution called PinPoint in the store. This has boosted the conversion rate and improved the interaction with customers dramatically. The PinPoint will now be introduced to retailers outside UK. (more…)

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Filip Elverhøy_7944

Elkjøp re-organizes for digital development to meet international entrances

Elkjøp Group expects more international competition on the Scandinavian markets. Soon there will be 15-20 people in a new department working with the digital offer. ”This is where our 100 million investment will go, not really for a test store”, Filip Elverhøy, Nordic e-commerce director tells (more…)

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Experrt Raisio-015

Expert-CEO: We have no plans for Sweden

Expert is gathering its forces – for the battle against Elkjøp Group in Denmark, Norway and Finland. But Expert CEO, Lars Christensen, have no future plans for Sweden, and says a takeover of Media Markt-stores would be out of question. ”Their stores are too expensive. We prefer  smaller – but much better stores”, he tells (more…)

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Elgiganten to ”stop screaming” in new marketing concept

Elkjøp Group invests 20 million in new advertising concept for the entire Nordic region, which is primarily designed to be branding and tone down the sales message. ”We have been screaming for years. The new advertising concept will contain less “come and buy” and more warmth and charm through our fantastic characters. I really hope that […]

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New superprofit for Elkjøp Group

Dixons’ nordic chains Elkjøp and Lefdal in Norway, Elgiganten in Sweden and Denmark and Gigantti in Finland delivers a new superprofit to its owner. The Nordic sales for 294 stores int the Elkjøp Group were 2,789.8 million GBP for the year ending April 30th. Last year’s turnover was 2,733.3 MGBP. This year’s profit was 116,9 […]

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Sebastian James_anpassad

Exclusive with Dixons CEO: ”Everywhere we open a Megastore – Media Markt becomes fantastically unprofitable”

Scandinavia is the jewel in the crown of Dixons’ group. We got an exclusive interview with CEO Sebastian James about the market, Nordic vs the UK and the fight against Media Mark in Sweden. “Everywhere we open a Megastore – Media Markt becomes fantastically unprofitable”, says Sebastian James. (more…)

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