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Apotek Hjärtat ICA

Ica to open health care clinics at hypermarkets

Ica goes for more qualified health care in connection with its hypermarkets This is done by ICA’s pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat opening Minute Clinics. Three trials are now permanent and three new will be established. “The big advantage is that we simplify for customers. You can check your birthmark at the same time you buy milk, “says ICA’s CEO Per […]

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Kesko genre

Kesko joins ICA for international home and specialty goods sourcing

Kesko partners up with Swedish ICA’s international ICA Global Sourcing (IGS) in international purchasing for Kesko’s home and speciality goods trade, to an extent of which is unprecedented in the history of Kesko. The strategy is to achieve a more diverse selection of home and speciality goods available at K-food stores.  The key objective of the sourcing cooperation mainly from […]

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ICA increased sales by 3.1%

Sales in the Swedish ICA stores rose by 3.1 percent in January 2016 compared with the corresponding month last year. Sales in like-for-like stores increased by 2.3 percent. ICA’s hypermarket concept Maxi continues to gain market shares – mostly within ICA’s own group – with a 4.1 percent increase. Kvantum performed best like for like.   January 2016 […]

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After Norway exit – ICA to merge real estate companies

ICA Fastigheter and ICA Fastigheter Sverige will be merged. The merger of the Swedish operations is a natural step for the real estate on the grounds that the entire Norwegian property portfolio will be sold. In connection with the merger, Michael Johansson leaves role as CEO of ICA Fastigheter Sverige AB. Lena Boberg continues as CEO of […]

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ICA sells of all Mastercard-shares

ICA Bank has sold its entire holding of shares in MasterCard and will record a capital gain of 81 million SEK in the fourth quarter of 2015th. This holding arose when MasterCard was converted into a limited company and all members received shares in relation to its size.

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The marketing message to Matvaran's former customers.

Infected fight over ICA Maxi’s e-commerce customers

ICA’s hypermarket concept Maxi recently ended the partnership with Matvaran providing an e-commerce solution for 26 stores. But now an infected fight has started regarding the customer register where local Maxi stores say the new owner of Matvaran, Mathem, tricks the customers to win them over. ”We understand that our competitors seek to exploit our good […]

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Stable quarter for Ica Group

  Ica’s consolidated net sales amounted to 25,542 million SEK (22,223) during the second quarter. Excluding acquisition effects, the increase was 4.3 percent. Operating profit excluding non-recurring items was 1,018 million SEK (985). “ICA Gruppen delivered a stable second quarter with increased market shares in Sweden, the Baltic countries and the pharmacy operations. After several quarters […]

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Ica Waynes coffe

Ica in collaboration with Wayne’s coffee

Ica does not only open in-house cafés with Starbucks. On Monday, Wayne’s Coffee moved in with Ica Supermarket on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. ”Café, restaurant and shop slips more and more together. This is the first collaboration between Ica and Wayne’s Coffee, and it will certainly open the door to expanded cooperation with several Ica retailers,” […]

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Starbucks targets Swedish malls

Starbucks has so far kept their new establishments in Sweden to Stockholm high streets, traffic centres or Ica-stores. Now it’s time to make a move into the malls. After summer, Täby Centrum and Mall of Scandinavia is on the list. (more…)

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Ica’s sales rose by 1.9 %

Sales in the Swedish ICA stores rose by 1.9% in April 2015 compared with the corresponding month last year. Sales in like-for-like stores increased by 0.8%. In April 2015, sales in the Swedish ICA stores totalled SEK 8,961 million excluding VAT, which is an increase of 1.9% compared with the same month in the previous […]

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Ica’s organic sales up 59 percent

Ica’s sales of organic products continues to increase. In the first quarter, sales of organic food grew by 59 percent compared to the same quarter last year. The percentage of organics in the central range is now 4.5 percent *. Ica’s own organic line line I love eco increased by 90 per cent during the same period. […]

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They are the new Board of Ica

The Annual General Meeting resolved on re-election of Board members Peter Berlin, Göran Blomberg, Cecilia Daun Wennborg, Andrea Gisle Joosen, Fredrik Hägglund, Bengt Kjell, Magnus Moberg, Jan Olofsson and Claes-Göran Sylvén. Jeanette Christensen Jäger was elected as a new member of the Board. Claes-Göran Sylvén was re-elected as the Chairman of the Board. The Annual General […]

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