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Ikea’s revenue 2015: 32.7 billion EUR

Ikea Group’s net income landed at 3.5 billion EUR for the fiscal year 2015th. Most of the growth is from comparable stores, but also new stores and continued development of e-commerce has contributed to the result. Although growth is evenly distributed across most markets, Germany shows record growth while southern Europe is a positive development. The […]

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IKEA to share 105 million EUR extra with employees

IKEA gives its employees 105 million EUR extra this year in future pension provision, distributed to 128,000 people in 43 countries. For the Nordics, this means 14,000 SEK, 14,582 NOK, 11,233 DKK or 1176 EUR per full-time working person. ”All employees who’s worked five years of operation, or more, are qualified,” says HR director Karin Bergman. […]

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Ikea to open pick-up point-concept in central Oslo

Ikea wants to open a click and collect store in central Oslo. The new store  could open within Ring 3 already before September  next year. ”Ikea Furuset needs relief now. We see that an Ikea service & pick-up point in central Oslo is the way to go, says communication manager at Ikea Norway, Jan Christian Thommesen. (more…)

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Mari Gustafsson Ikea umeå

Date set for Ikea Umeå opening

The doors of the new Umeå Ikea store opens 26 February 2016. three weeks before the adjacent shopping center. It will be a very climate friendly store,  heated and cooled with geothermal heating and all lighting is LED. Ikea Umeå will, together with all other Ikea Group stores and buildings in the Nordic region, completely energy […]

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Ikea won 835 million tax appeal

Swedish Tax Agency wanted to revise the taxes upwards for Ikea with 835 million SEK. But the administrative court in Växjö chose the furniture chain’s line in its judgment. Smålandsposten reports that the Court has concluded that the company Ikea of Sweden AB has followed the rules for transfer pricing between companies. Thus there is no […]

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Ikea Foundation Haiti

Ikea to be awarded by World Childhood Foundation

World Childhood Foundation has announced that the IKEA Foundation is a winner of the Childhood ThankYou Award, in recognition of its groundbreaking partnership with UNHCR and its recent commitment to climate action. ”I hope that the Childhood ThankYou Award will inspire other corporate foundations to follow IKEA’s example and step up their efforts to give […]

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Martina Haag och Mogge Sseruwagi i IKEA kök, filminspelning. Friends Agenda

Ikea starts tv-serie

Today, Ikea launched its first TV program ever – to share insights from their own surveys on people’s lives in and around the kitchen. Martina Haag and Mogge Sseruwagi will host the series that will offer ”a mix of exciting and unexpected insights on life in the home”. (more…)

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Ikea’s total sales up 8.9 percent

IKEA Group reports continued sales growth for fiscal year 2015.  IKEA Group’s total sales amounted to 31.9 billion EUR. Total sales translated into euros increased by 11.2 percent. Adjusted for currency effects, total sales increased by 8.9 percent. Sales in comparable stores increased by 5.1 percent. ”We are growing in almost all markets and we […]

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Torp Coop

Thon properties enters Torp

  Thon Property has taken over Coop Bohuslän / Älvsborgs property at Torp in Uddevalla. The property at 15 000 square meters include Coop Forum, Systembolaget, Apoteket, health store Life, Telia, and Mister Minit. “We are very positive on the purchase of the property that has good development potential and we look forward to eventually contribute to […]

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IKEA Foundation to give 38 million EUR aid to refugees

UN refugee agency UNHCR has received a grant of 38 million EUR from the IKEA Foundation to help the refugees and host communities in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. ”We believe that every child deserves a quality education, a sustainable family income, and a healthy start in life,” says Per Heggenes, CEO of IKEA Foundation. (more…)

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Ikea trials new city concept in the very north of the Nordics

Ikea has now opened its new, but different store, in Tromsø. Waiting for the regular most northern department store in 2019, Ikea’s trialing the showroom and pick up-station concept for the first time in the Nordics. Next week opens a similar in Jyväskylä, Finland. See a film from the store. (more…)

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Report: This is how retailers and city centers are affected by an Ikea-establishment

Several Swedish city centers are experiencing decreasing retail sales when external shopping centers grow. But a licentiate thesis made by a HUI Research PhD points out a positive effect on the trade turnover when Ikea is one of the players on studies made from 2000-2011. “The rumor that Ikea would have a bad impact on town […]

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”Hypermarkets, Ikea and large shopping centers should be allowed all over Denmark”

Danish cities smaller than 40 000 residents should have the right to decide themselves whether a hypermarket or a shopping center is allowed to establish outside the city centre. That is the opinion from Venstre, that now wants to change the framework of the debated Danish Planning Act. ”For Dansk Supermarked, enforcing this proposal mean that […]

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