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Jewelery stores join forces against Pandora

Pandora’s increasingly strong position has forced a new collaboration of competitive jewelery stores. 33 Danish jewelery stores join forces in purchasing chain Jewel Time. According to the chairman of the Danish Jewel Time, Bent Brodersen, it is to meet the competition from retail. (more…)

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Pandora increases revenue by 41.4 %

Pandora increase their own expectations for 2015 by adding another billion DKK to the expected revenues. This comes after a very strong Q2-report. “We are very pleased to report yet another strong quarter, both in terms of top line development and profitability. All major regions once again delivered double digit revenue growth and our focus […]

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Pandora-CEO Denmark’s most active board member

Pandora-CEO Allan Leighton seems to set his very own standards for how much a man can handle alongside a job as CEO of a Danish listed company. Despite claims by the main shareholder Axcel to cut down on outside directorships, Pandora’s CEO, Allan Leighton, said yes to another chairman chair in a billion group. This […]

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