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Rema 1000

Reitan’s divestment of Axfood shares opens up for a Swedish Rema 1000

Norwegian Reitan group, the second largest shareholder in Swedish Axfood, is about to divest its 15.6 percent holding – and Odd Reitan denies re-election to the Board. ”A sale increases financial flexibility and enables us to better capture growth opportunities in our existing businesses ”, says Odd Reitan, Chairman and CEO of Reitangruppen. One move could […]

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Odd Reitan: We are more solid than ever

Net income for 2014 shows that Reitangruppen is more solid than ever. Totalomsetningen was 82 billion NOK, an increase of  5 billion from 2013. The last ten years Reitangruppen tripled the operating profit. ”Effective structures and good system operation gives us tremendous power in a demanding market. We use the power to secure 36,611 jobs in the […]

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7-Eleven forced to change focus

Other branches steal the profitable parts of 7-Eleven. Following the liberalization of opening hours 7-Eleven lost its status as the Danish emergency solution. Now Reitan Convenience points out a healthier path to become profitable in Denmark. Pizza and sausages are put aside. (more…)

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