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Undramatic Swedish fashion sales in March

Style index from Svensk Handel Stil shows that sales of clothing in the dealer channel, measured in comparable units and in current prices, fell by 0.3 percent in March compared with the same month last year. The corresponding figure for sales in shoe stores show a decrease of 3.8 percent. So far this year, from January […]

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Swedish retailers more pessimistic

Swedish retailers does not have a strong belief in next year’s development. According to Svensk Handel’s Trade Barometer, an increasing amount forecast a decline in sales, falling profitability and reduced staff due to new regulations. (more…)

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This is how the new budget will affect Swedish retail

The Swedish government presented the budget for 2016 yesterday. But the Swedish Trade Federation are concerned that the costs for young employees will increase by 3.5 billion SEK. “The government should make it easier to hire, not harder”, Svensk Handel CEO Karin Johansson comments on the government’s budget. (more…)

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Swedish merchants very positive about the future

The trade indicator Handelsbarometern from the Swedish Trade Union shows continued good times for retailers. The futureindicator remains at a historically high level. Not since 2010 have confidence been so high during the summer months. Traders’ confidence falls only slightly in July and the futureindicator falls from last month’s low of 15 to the current […]

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State of Swedish retail: Excellent

Swedish E-commerce is more profitable than regular trade. But both the retail trade as well as wholesale and e-commerce shows stable profitability in a survey of traders ratios made by Svensk Handel. “There is no question anymore that it may be profitable to invest in e-commerce. Though many e-retailers are still in a start-up stage, […]

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Svensk Handel, the Swedish Trade Federation, has signed a frame agreement with Seamless regarding the mobile payment solution SEQR. In a recent study by HUI Research, 90% of the merchants stated that card fees is one of the largest expenses. “By challenging the dominance of the big four banks, we want to reduce costs for our […]

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