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Despite weaker currency – border trade boosted again

The border trade does not suffer from a weaker Norwegian currency. In Charlottenberg the retail trade has so far this year increased by over 20 percent. “When the Norwegian krone is weakened imported goods gets more expensive in Norway. Norwegian traders have raised prices a lot, especially on food, “says Lars Erik Eröy, center manager […]

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Norway’s shopping centers chose Kicks as best retailer of the year – and Strømmen as best shopping centre

Cosmetics chain Kicks were Thursday named this year’s retail chain under the Shoppingcenter’s Conference in Bergen. This year’s shopping centre is Strømmen Storsenter – and best centre management team can be found in the very north. Here you can see all winners’  presentation films (more…)

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Torp Coop

Thon properties enters Torp

  Thon Property has taken over Coop Bohuslän / Älvsborgs property at Torp in Uddevalla. The property at 15 000 square meters include Coop Forum, Systembolaget, Apoteket, health store Life, Telia, and Mister Minit. “We are very positive on the purchase of the property that has good development potential and we look forward to eventually contribute to […]

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Amfi aquires Rygge Storsenter

Olav Thon is not complete on shopping centers in Norway yet. Subsidiary Amfi has now bought Rygge Storsenter, giving them a monopoly situation in Moss. ”There is hardly any reason to believe that the audience will notice that the center is in new hands,” says Lars Løseth at Amfi Group. (more…)

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Thon Group to take over Entré Malmö

The trouble-mall Entré/Malmö Plaza in Malmö will have a new management from September 1st. ”We’ve got a job to do there with the leasing. Hopefully we’ll get a more positive attitude”, says Hallgeir Åndahl at Norwegian Thon Group to (more…)

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