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The robotic cleaner – Swedish Christmas gift of the year 2015

It’s a Swedish tradition by HUI Research to declare Christmas gift of the year.

Once again it is a smart electronics tool, the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

It’s a tradition. Even the Museum of Scandinavian Culture, begun in 2011 an ongoing documentation about HUI Research’s The Christmas Gift of the Year Award. HUI Research donate one item of each Christmas Gift of the Year to the museum.

The Robotic Vacuum cleaner is motivated like this:

”Technology evolve and the robotization of work life influences more sectors and more people for every day. In Sweden there is a massive interest in homes and interior design. Many Swedes renovate and refresh their homes, and this is driving business in furniture, construction materials as well as electronics. Cleaning is something most people would like to avoid, and if the Swedish household deduction RUT reduces as planned for 2015, more people will look for new solutions to simplify monotonous cleaning chores. The robotic vacuum cleaner fits the concept and can be used by any household to free up time for family, friends and recreation.” writes declares HUI research.

One of the criteria for the yearly ”award” is to represent the times we live in
”We have been talking about smart homes for decades, but until now we haven’t really been able to say that they are actually here. Innovative technology drives robotization in society and, with the time pressure everybody senses today we are searching for tools to facilitate the everyday life. The robotic vacuum cleaner combines the trends of everyday life services with the trend of home and living.”

HUI also noticed an growing interest in robotic vacuum cleaners last year but not until 2015 have we seen a boom in sales.

The following products have been announced as Christmas Gift of the Year:
1988 The Bread Maker 2002 Cook book
1989 The Video Camera 2003 Cap
1990 The Wok pan 2004 LCD TV
1991 The CD Player 2005 Poker kit
1992 Video game consol 2006 Audio book
1993 Perfume 2007 The GPS Receiver
1994 The Mobile Phone 2008 Experience
1995 CD disc 2009 The Bed of Nails
1996 Internet access 2010 The tablet
1997 The electronic pet 2011 Pre-packed bag of groceries
1998 A video game 2012 Headphones
1999 Book 2013 The Juice Extractor
2000 The DVD Player 2014 The Fitness Band
2001 Tool 2015 The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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