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Tokmanni store-name upsets Helsinki University

Discount chain Tokmanni reopens a former Tarjoustalo chain store tomorrow, and markets the store’s name with ”University of Helsinki Tokman”.

This upset the university who threatened to take legal actions.

Tokmanni says the name is just for addressing.

”Unacceptable. Is it a joke?”, said Helsinki University’s communication director Kirsti Lehmusto when asked about the name after Tokmanni’s press announcement Wednesday morning.

The renewed Helsinki-store is located at the corner of University of Helsinki, at the entrance to the metro station next to Kaisaniemi park. The name change was motivated by the name of the Helsinki University metro station.

To Taloussanomat, Kirsi Lehmusto said Tokmanni had not contacted the university and she asked why this would be the only Tokmanni with an additional name.

”We have a 35o year old brand. No one can use it as they wish”, Lehmusto comments.

Tokmanni CEO Heikki Väänänen later explained that nothing with Helsinki University would be added to the store’s signs.

”But it’s the first time I hear we can not use the name of the subway station as an address for the store”, he tells Taloussanomat.

He adds it is a good thing if the Helsinki University’s lawyers will examine the thing.

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